Walsbay: Home of Tradewind Yachts & Lion Classics

Walsbay, Home of Tradewind Yachts & Lion Classics

Concealed behind the sea wall of the Scheld River, where on a misty night gigantic cargo vessels on their way to Antwerp sound their eerie whistles, lies the very small hamlet of Walsbay.
At the heart of Walsbay stands the restored 18th century madder root barn. It is here that Lion Classics restores classic cars, of mostly British origin, back to their former glory with an unrivalled attention to detail.

Walsbay also houses the ship yard of Tradewind Yachts.
For the construction and restoration of traditional vessels.
Mahogany, brass and bronze characterize the seaworthy sailing yachts of Tradewind Yachts.


Enjoy the timeless character of classic craftmanship.

The rural and historic nature of the surrounding countryside and its characteristic workshops makes Walsbay a Unique location for a casual meetup with friends,
colleagues and partners and the ideal place for a Car Club Meeting to have a stop or finish your tour.

After a short tour along the characteristic workshops of Tradewind Yachts
and Lion Classics. It’s time for a drink and bite in the restored 18th century madder barn.

Walsbay has the general tendency to cause a smile one every face.

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