Tradewind Yachts

For over 30 years we have been trading in the building, maintenance and restauration of classic yachts and classic cars.

At our boat yard in the Flemmish village of Walsoorden we build the traditional range of Tradewind Yachts and our brokerage offers a good selection of second hand vessels. At Lion Classics you can find everything about our classic car service.

Tradewind Yachts can store, service or refit your yacht. We provide our clients with a comprehensive service to help you with all aspects of your yachting.

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“Scorpion” by naval architect Alan Buchanan

At the Tradewind Yard you will find this two-master Alan Buchanan sedign. It is a long distance sailor’s dream: fully equipped to make extended ocean passages. This 10 ton S-bilge hull, build by Piet Bouhuis, has 2 circumnavigations. Having trained...

Walsbay: “the way life was meant to be”

Concealed behind the sea wall of the Scheld River, where on a misty night gigantic cargo vessels on their way to Antwerp sound their eerie whistles, lies the small hamlet of Walsbay. At the heart of Walsbay stands the restored...

Tradewind 35′ on 4th place Golden Globe

The 2018 Golden Globe Race is a sailing race around the world which started on 1 July 2018 from Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. The race started fifty years after the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race and features yachts similar to those...

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Cape Cutter 19 Trailer sailer


Royal Charles


Alan Buchanan 31.5′


Sleeping Beauties

Sometimes you bump into something special.  Maybe unloved or damaged but in your mind you can already see the potential and long days on the water.  These are sleeping beauties to be discovered and they are crying out to be brought back to their former glory.

A good example would be the Lona III from 1906, shown on the picture.

For our selection of classic (sailing) yachts click here.


Regular maintenance and necessary repairs keeps your vessel in tip-top condition. Tradewind Yachts has a small dedicated team of skilled craftsmen that have the ability to deal with all aspects of yacht and motor boat repairs, refits, maintenance and servicing.
No challenge is too small for us.

Winter Storage

Most owners choose to have their yacht stored ashore for the winter months to reduce wear and save on maintenance. Tradewinds Yachts can offer storage under cover and outside on hard standing for winter storage or for repair or maintenance during the summer months.